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Cryptocurrencies Tax UK – What You Need To Know Now

The meteoric rise of this entirely new asset class has been driven largely by retail investors (private individuals) who see cryptocurrency as the investment opportunity of a lifetime. Equally there are those who believe cryptocurrencies won’t stand the test of

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Can I Gift Money To Family Members?

If you want to gift money to family members it’s important that you understand the potential tax implications of making those gifts. Gaining a basic understanding and staying within the rules may enable you to avoid paying tax on the

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Tax Avoidance vs Tax Evasion

Tax Evasion vs Tax Avoidance – The Great Debate

Whether you’re rich or poor, an individual or a business, nobody enjoys paying tax. Of course the taxation system serves a purpose that many of us don’t fully appreciate but seeing part of your hard earned money disappear from sight

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Up to £2000 tax free childcare per year per child

Tax Free Childcare Scheme

Sometimes the thought of working when you have a young child at home can seem counter productive. After all childcare isn’t cheap and depending on an individuals earning potential the cost of childcare can put a significant dent in what

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what is a limited liability partnership / LLP and what are the benefits of this

What is a LLP Company? 1 great Alternative Structure

When most people think of  a company they tend to think of the very well known limited company rather than the less well known limited liability partnership (LLP) which is also a registered corporate body with Companies House. In todays article

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