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Accountant For Freelancers

You are freelancer sweeping up gigs and jobs in your profession and sector. If you’re looking to get your numbers in order and tax bill down, read on.

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Accounting for Freelancers

Cloud Based Freelancer Accounting Software

We use and recommend Xero accounting software for your freelancer accounting. It is by far the most intuitive and user friendly accounting software on the market to help you know your numbers.

We offer a unique 60 day fee refund guarantee

We believe you should have the ability to ‘test drive’ our service before you commit. That’s why we offer a 60 day day, risk free guarantee to you. If you cancel our service(s) at any time within 60 days of signing up, we will refund your monthly service fees. No quibbles, no fuss.

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Help you understand your numbers and minimise your tax bill

We would not be doing you any justice if we did not help you truly understand (not just read them) your numbers and in turn minimise your tax bill (legitimately).

Accounting for freelancers is not just about doing your bookkeeping, payroll and filing your accounts every year. A freelancer accountant worth their salt will help you become a tax-efficient freelancer, helping you to keep more of what you earn.

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How Can We Help Freelancers?

In this video I go through the new IR35 legislation launching in April 2021, and how it may effect freelancers.

As a freelancer, you may be doing various gigs and jobs for different clients.

If you’re operating as a sole trader, then perhaps you might want to consider incorporating into a Limited Company. It depends on how much revenue you are generating.

You could be concerned about the dreaded IR35 legislation, and whether it will apply to you?

Or you may need accounting for freelancers through your Limited Company. How to optimise your taxes, create a robust financial process or just the basics of filing your accounts and tax returns.

Whatever aspect of freelancer accounting you need, we are specialist accountants for freelancers.

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Here’s what our clients say

how much is an accountant for a limited company

FAQ's on accounting for freelancers

A freelancer can be considered as a one person business who sells their skills, time and energy in exchange for money in the course of trade. Typical examples of freelancers include graphic designers, web developers, software developers, engineers, management consultants, business coaches. In fact, freelancers span across multiple industries and professions.

This depends upon what structure you are operating through, a sole trader or limited company. If you are operating as a sole trader, you will be liable to income taxes and class 2 & 4 national insurance on any profits you have generated. If you are operating as limited company, then any profits you make are subject to corporation tax, and potentially dividends tax. 

Whether you are operating as a sole trader or a limited company, you will need to know your numbers. You will need to know whether you are generating any profits and how much, as well what taxes you are liable for, and again how much. As an accountant for freelancers, we can help you organise and systemise your financial affairs so you know your numbers and get your taxes paid correctly and on time. 

Legally, absolutely yes. There are various ways in which we can help you plan for and mitigate your taxes. This includes your dividend taxes, VAT, PAYE, national insurance, capital gains and other taxes. We are not just accountant for freelancers but we do some tax planning and advisory too. 

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We believe in growth and giving back to our community. A percentage of every penny we make goes straight to our charitable partner Nishkam SWAT, serving the homeless in London

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