New Startups

You’re starting a limited company or perhaps a limited liability partnership (LLP). Whatever your vehicle or industry we here to help you. 

what type of new start up?

Accountant for Limited Company

Limited Company (LTD Co) by Shares

This is a Limited Company that is owned by shareholders (can be one or multiple). It is a separate legal entity to all shareholders and affords them ‘Limited Liability’. In the event things go wrong, shareholders are only liable to the extent of their investment in the company. 

Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

 A Limited Liability Partnership acts like a hybrid between a conventional Limited Company and a traditional partnership. An LLP can have multiple partners, all of whom have limited liability to the extent of their investment in the LLP and are not liable for fellow partners misconduct or negligence

Accounting for Limited Company

Limited by Guarantee

Limited by Guarantee is often for social enterprises, charities and not for profit making organisations. 


What industry or trade are you in?

* Video coming soon

In this video I go through how we can help new start ups in a variety of industries.

Starting a new limited company, whether it be limited by shares, guarantee or an LLP is just part of the equation.

Getting a business started, set-up, trading so it’s earning revenue and to first base is your main priority. 

Without paying clients/customers you don’t really have a business. 

Your business could be e-commerce, dropshipping, consultancy, engineering or any industry. 

So if you’re looking to partner with an accountant & tax provider who understands the commercial side of your business as well as the numbers and compliance, schedule a call with us. 


FAQ's on starting a limited company

Starting a Limited Company in the UK is relatively straightforward. 

It takes around 24 hours or less. 

If you want to form a new Limited Company then download the form.

As a new start up, you don’t necessarily have to form a limited company straight away. Although trading through a Limited Company is by far the most popular and beneficial vehicle, it may not be right for everyone. 

You can start and continue operating your new start up as a sole trader and look to starting a limited company (incorporating the company) at a later date. 

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