Ceasing Trading

If your company has ceased trading, then what next? What are your options when ceasing trading? 

What Are My Options?

In our latest video for the Accounting & Tax Academy on YouTube we’ve broken down some options you have after ceasing trading with your limited company, including repurposing your business, solvent & insolvent liquidations as well as the potential value your tangible and intangible assets might have to a prospective buyer if your business has reached the end of it’s journey. 

Solvent Liquidation

Get our comprehensive guide to solvent liquidations including the different types and the associated tax implications of them. We also cover how to get started with a liquidation and go over some of the key considerations you should be making in order to make an informed decision when deciding to liquidate your company. 

If you’re considering selling your business/company, keep scrolling down!

This PDF Guide will give you all the information you need about Solvent Liquidations and what options are available to you if your company has or is about to cease trading.

Can I sell My Business/Company?

If you’re interested in discussing your business and exploring if there may be someone interested in buying it, let us know by filling out the form to your right; we’ve partnered with a reputable business broker who specialises in seeing the value of businesses both solvent & insolvent. The sad truth is that most business owners simply walk away from their business if they are not generating viable revenue, when in reality the intangible assets such as your company name, customer lists & relationships and brand identity can be of immense value to a buyer. 

One you’ve filled out this form, our trusted affiliated broker will contact you to arrange a free, no obligation 20 minute call to evaluate your business and its sale potential. 

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