60 Day
Fee Refund Guarantee

We want you to be 100% sure. So we’ll take the risk and make sure the proof really is in our pudding with our unique fee refund guarantee. 

What is our fee refund guarantee?

Fee Refund

In short, we will refund your monthly based fees for any proposal of services if you decide to cancel within 60 days of signing up.  No quibbles, no fuss! 

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your decision to choose us as your accounting, tax and finance partner. And it’s all about building trust, integrity and transparency.

We recognise that the proof and quality of our service can only be judged by you once we actually start working with you and carry out some tasks. 

There are no-tie ins or minimum contracts with our services. You simply pay for what you need and you cancel our service(s) at any time. 

FAQ's on our fee refund guarantee

From the point you accept a proposal and sign our letter of engagement, the 60 day guarantee period begins. 

So for example, if you signed our letter of engagement on the 25th July, then the 60 day fee refund guarantee period starts from this date up to the 24th September, exactly 60 days. 

Any monthly based service fees are included. These will be clearly outlined in the written proposal we send you via e-mail. 

Examples of monthly based service fees are PAYE PayrollBookkeeping and a host of other monthly services. 

One-off work and one-off advisory services are not included in the guarantee. 

In short, no. 

For example, if within 60 days you decide to cancel our services and we have carried out some services under the monthly fee plan, then we will not charge you for this work and refund any fee you have paid. 

We certainly hope that it will not come to this but nonetheless the fee refund guarantee is there for your peace of mind and allows you to ‘test drive’ our service(s) before making a longer term commitment. 

It’s quite simple. 

Accountancy and tax services is unlike buying a product. We (and no doubt so do you too) want to build a trusting and professional working relationship with you, to serve your business towards your definition of success. 

You only really get a feel & sense of our service, our people and the quality once you actually engage with us and value is being exchanged.

So we like to view this as a ‘test drive’ for you. 

However, to qualify for the 60 day fee refund guarantee you have 30 days to formally engage with our service via the proposal we will send you. 

If you do decide to cancel our service within 60 days, then we ask you put this in writing in a simple e-mail. 

We will then obtain your feedback (just so we know) and proceed to closing your account with us and issue you a fee refund for any monthly based fees you have incurred. No quibbles, no fuss. 

If you continue our services post the 60 day guarantee period, there are still no minimum contracts or tie-in periods. 

You can cancel our services at anytime, with written notice. 

Outside of the 60 day fee refund guarantee period, your fees paid to date will not be refundable in the event you decide to cancel. 

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