If you need a bookkeeping service to get your financial affairs in order, our service could be ideal for you. Bookkeeping can become a laborious task, but it is essential for the financial health of your business. 

what type of Bookkeeping Services?

Bookkeeper Service

Regular (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)

It’s always recommended that you do your bookkeeping regularly, at least quarterly.  It’s not too different to the washing, if you let it pile up it becomes a bigger and more painful job.

Once a robust bookkeeping service and system has been developed for your business, maintaining it is far more efficient and cost effective. 


Bookkeeping Services

One-Off/Catch Up 

You can get your bookkeeping done as a one-off/catch up if for example your business needs to submit its accounts and tax returns. 

You will need your data such as your business bank transactions, your business credit card transactions, your online transactions (ie Paypal) and your purchase invoices and receipts. 

If you need help with one off bookkeeping or catching up on your bookkeeping, this service is ideal for you. 

book keeping service

Express (Fast Track) 

If you have a imminent deadline to file your business accounts and/or tax returns, then an express bookkeeping service could be for you. 

As long as we receive your necessary data in a timely manner and without any major gaps, then your bookkeeping can be complete within 5 working days with our express bookkeeper service. 



more about bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services

This illustration highlights the data flows, the processing and output of our bookkeeping service using accounting software such as Xero or Quickbooks. 

Our bookkeeping service uses the double entry bookkeeping method. Whilst there are other simpler methods such as the cash book method (which is effectively single entry), the double entry system is the most complete and provides you the business owner with the optimum information. 

Bookkeeping can be done on an excel spreadsheet or google sheets, but again there are limitations to these tools. So we all always recommend maintaining your books using an accounting software. It is far more efficient and less labour intensive. 

Our objective is to always systemise and automate the bookkeeping service as much as possible. This way, there is less pain for you, minimal lifting from you, a swift and efficient bookkeeping process that turns your raw numbers & data into meaningful information on a frequent basis. 

FAQ's on bookkeepers service

Bookkeeping is defined as the activity or occupation of keeping records of the financial affairs of a business. The double-entry method of bookkeeping is the best and most popular practice (and with good reason). Effectively, bookkeeping translates your raw numbers and data and  into financial information (with the help of other tools such as accounting software or a spreadsheet) 

This question depends upon; the number of transactions, whether your business is VAT registered, the quality of your data and the format of your data. You need to also take into account the number and types of business bank accounts you have to include business credit card accounts, online accounts (ie Paypal) and whether you have been transacting business transactions through your personal business account. The more complex your affairs, the more time and focus will be needed to deliver an accurate and quality bookkeeping service.

There is nothing to stop you from undertaking your own bookkeeping service. Bookkeeping in itself is not a hard process, but the double entry system is technical. The biggest risk you face have is that of inadvertently making mistakes. And mistakes will have a knock on effect on your financial statements and tax calculations. 

Be objective and weigh up how much time and energy you will need to do your own bookkeeping (and how much your time is worth) compared to a bookkeeping service that invariably can be as little as £15 per hr.

It is not mandatory but strongly recommended. You can either dig and landscape your garden with a shovel and hand, or you can use a hydraulic power digger and tools for leverage. 

Accounting software is like your leverage. It makes the process quicker, more efficient, cost effective (in the medium to longer run) and is less painful. In addition, the leading accounting software has in-built error checks and balances to minimise potential mistakes. 

This is an important question.

If you are running a business, whether it be through a Limited Company, LLP, sole trader or partnership, knowing your numbers is one of the golden rules of business. The only way you are going to know your numbers is to ensure they are processed from raw numbers into organised and meaningful information. 

Furthermore, your company or personal tax calculations including VAT, PAYE, P11d, corporation tax and personal self assessment are all dependent upon accurate and timely numbers. As a director of a company, you have a statutory responsibility in making sure you keep and maintain accurate and timely financial records. 

Bookkeeping is the process that enables the above to be fulfilled. 

Bookkeeping services are fairly inexpensive. Our bookkeeper service is priced based on the following variables; no of transactions, data format, frequency of bookkeeping, VAT registered or not and quality of data. It is a logic based pricing system that is designed to keep fees low if your affairs are systemised and organised.  

As a guide, you can get professional bookkeeping services for as a little as £15 per hr but we suggest to obtain a Quick Quote so you can get a more accurate picture in accordance with your circumstances. 


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