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Bitesize Advisory

We're revolutionising the way business owners can get tax & accounting advice with professional, qualified advice to help you make informed decisions.

How does it work?

Read this page and watch video.

So you become informed about how this service works, spend 5 mins reading this page, the FAQ’s and watching the short 2 minute video. 

Ask your advisory question

Using the form below, it takes about 3-5 mins to complete in full if you are prepared. You can select either 300 or 500 charactersYou can upload supporting documents too. 

Submit and make payment

Once you submit your form you will be taken to a payment page. You can pay with a debit or credit card and you can pay through your business (if you have one) as a tax deductible professional services expense. 

Example written e-mail response

Ready to get started?

FAQ's on Bitesize Advisory

In short, an ACCA or ICAEW Qualified Accountant with a minimum of 5 years PQE (Post Qualification Experience). In addition, we have qualified CTA’s (Chartered Tax Advisors) to call upon.

They will sign off on your response with their full name and designated qualification, which you will receive to the e-mail address you have provided. 

We provide a meaningful and informed response to 95% of the advisory questions we receive. However, we will be honest in saying approximately 5% of the questions we receive cannot be answered, mainly due to the following reasons:

Poorly written or structured question; ambiguity, contradictions or confusion in the question itself; questions that are not accounting or tax related (ie – legal questions).

The qualified accountant who receives the question will scan and review before attempting to provide a response. If they feel they cannot provide a meaningful response for mainly the above reasons, they will contact you via e-mail and inform you, along with their reason. You can either re-submit your question, or request a full refund of your fee. 

There are 2 options; 

Option 1 a written e-mail response 

Option 2 a written e-mail response + a video response. 

An example question and written response can be viewed here

The written e-mail response is limited to 500 characters and may contain links and references to taxation and accounting legislation to support our advice to you. We will make sure we explain things in plain English and in line with your question, any information supplied and specific circumstances.

For Option 1 a written e-mail style response, we aim to get this across to you on average within 48 hours. In some cases the response time can be quicker, or if your question needs a little more thought and consideration, an extra bit of time may be required. A written e-mail will be up to 500 characters

For Option 2, written e-mail + video based response, we will need a minimum of 48 hours (2 working days).  A video link of up to 6 mins will be sent to you along with the written form, all in one e-mail. 


Prior to providing you with a response, a qualified accountant will review your question and supporting documentation. If it is felt your question needs a more comprehensive response (over and above 500 characters or a 3 min video) to satisfactorily answer, then the accountant will respond to you accordingly through e-mail, with a revised fee. If you decide not to pursue matters, then we will fully refund the fee you have paid. 

On average we have provided a suitable and meaningful response within our framework for 95% of advisory questions.  

See the Do’s and Dont’s section of these FAQ’s for the best way to ask a question to ensure you get a satisfactory and meaningful response. 


Absolutely yes and where relevant we recommend you do. However, this is optional. 

If you do, we request you keep any documentation ‘relevant’. For example, if you were to ask us a question on your self-assessment return, then a copy of your draft or final return for the tax year(s) in question would be useful as it will allow us to provide a clearer and more relevant response. We limit the upload to just 2 documents for this reason. 

We adhere to the GDPR rules and you can view our privacy policy here.

Absolutely yes. We use PayPal for all transactions, and they include PayPal Purchase Protection.


  • Write clearly and as concisely as possible. 
  • Ensure you ask the actual question you want a response upon. 
  • Use the entire number of characters if you can. The more relevant information we receive, the better.
  • Only use supporting documents if you think they are ‘relevant’ to the question
  •  Be ambiguous. This basically means avoid being unclear or contradictory. 
  • Ask non accounting or tax questions. If your question happens to contain non-accounting or tax elements that are incidental to the key question, this is fine. But for example, if you were to ask a ‘legal related’ question outright, then this service cannot help you. 

Yes you can, so long as the question was asked ‘wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your business/trade’. This is a professional service, and applies whether you are a sole trader business, partnership, Limited Company or LLP.

And what’s more, if your business is VAT registered, it can claim back the VAT as input VAT.

Grow & Give Back

We believe in growth and giving back to our community. A percentage of every penny we make goes straight to our charitable partner Nishkam SWAT, serving the homeless in London

Aidhan & Partners is a trading style of a joint venture between Aidhan (Financial Services Ltd), a limited company registered in England under company number 04953002 and Simply Accountants Ltd, a limited company registered in England under company number 08535253.  Our registered office is: Aidhan, 8 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4PL
Disclaimer – all our content is for general guidance only and does not constitute formal advice. We always recommend you take professional advice.