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Select your trading vehicle and the key services you require and find out how much is an accountant for a limited company or sole trader

Limited Company

Sole Trader

Accounting & Tax

Annual filings and ongoing advice for your Limited Company compliant with HMRC and Companies House.

Your business turnover is:
We base the our fee on annual revenue as both our work and our liability scales with your turnover.

You don’t have to get this exactly right upfront as it is an estimate. You pay monthly based on your estimate, and we adjust at the end of the year based on your actual turnover.

Bookkeeping & VAT

We set up and maintain your complete books in Xero or Quickbooks.

My bookkeeping requirements are:
Based on the number of monthly transactions, estimated. Don’t worry if you don’t know this exactly upfront, make and estimate and we’ll adjust once we’ve done a few months of bookkepings.

Payroll & Pensions

We will handle your monthly payroll and auto-enrolment pensions reporting to HMRC for all your employees.

My business employs:
The number of employees Select the number of employees (including directors) who will need PAYE payroll and pensions administration (if at all).

Grow & Give Back

We believe in growth and giving back to our community. A percentage of every penny we make goes straight to our charitable partner Nishkam SWAT, serving the homeless in London

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