New Shares Issued

New Shares Issued

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New Shares Issued

If you are the director of a Limited Company, then the matter of issuing new shares will likely come up at some point in your business journey. The most popular 4 reasons for new shares issued for your limited company include: 

  • You want to issue shares as an incentive to a new business partner who will bring crucial skills or assets to the business to help it grow.
  • You want to issue shares to a spouse, family member or friend.
  • You want to issue new shares to private or angel investors, in return for a monetary investment.
  • You may want to issue new shares as part of a share option scheme to employees to incentivise and reward them.

How To Issue New Shares

As well as our video explaining the basics of issuing new shares below, we’ve prepared a free 9 step guide for you to download. This step by step guide goes into a little more detail in terms of the process  when issuing new shares for your limited company including the completion of a CS01 statement as well as highlighting the potential taxes that may come into play when doing so. 

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