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What Happens

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Welcome & Onboarding (3 mins)

Time Stamps:

0:24  – HMRC & Companies House Authorisation 
0:46  – Accounting Software & Setting Up Systems
1:18    – Company Formation
1:36   – Business Bank Account
1:51    – Company Registered Office
2:12   – Go Cardless Direct Debit

Click on the XERO icon below to view a full list of Xero-supported business bank account integrations with Xero Accounting. 

Some of your Questions

How long does on-boarding take ?

it is important we get you and your business on-boarded and integrated onto our systems. 

This includes obtaining authority with HMRC. 

The entire process can take a couple of weeks, although not everything is done at once. 

what is my involvement in on-boarding?

We will need your involvement and co-operation for and during on-boarding. 

We will request various bits of information and small actions from you. 

If we get this all done from the outset, then our service will be smooth and hassle free for you going forward. 

what happens with hmrc?

In order for us to act on your behalf, we must obtain your authority and clear this with HMRC. 

If this step is not completed, then HMRC will not even accept any submissions, calls or communication with them, on your behalf. 

How do i communicate with you?

On an on-going basis, the most popular method of communication is e-mail. 

However, you will have access to a direct telephone line to your dedicated accountant too. 

We will also as part of the on-boarding send some forms to you in the post.

how do you collect fees/payments?

As part of our service, a direct debit mandate must be set-up through an digital payment provider called Go Cardless. 

We will send you a link and it literally takes 1 minute to do. All our fees are taken through this system. 

will i get anything in the post from you?

Yes, an on-boarding pack. This will be sent to your home or business postal address. 

This pack contains forms you need to complete and sign as so we can obtain HMRC authority. 

This is perhaps the only time we ever send anything in the post as every process is done digitally and in the cloud. 

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